Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back In The Rat Race!!!

Well it feels like forever since I wrote here!!! School's back in and I've been running non-stop it seems like! Well until Friday night! The girls went to my parents for the weekend, and Aaron came home! lol He's been Papaw's buddy last week because my dad has a stress fracture in his foot and he was a boot on his foot and can't drive so he's asked for Aaron's company during the week! So Aaron came back Friday and the girls left.

Saturday we had a really nice day! I slept in cause I wasn't feeling really well and then me and Aaron cleaned the house and went to the grocery!

We went to dinner that evening with James parents and Aaron. Let me just say I love LOVE Kingfish on the's so nice! This pic doesn't do it justice because it's on the river and has such a nice atmosphere!

We had a great dinner and then went out on the deck to enjoy the view of Louisville, for those not familiar with the restaurant it's in Indiana and has an awesome view of the Louisville skyline, at night it's really impressive! These pictures do not do it any justice at all, they've been redoing the whole waterfront so it's beautiful now, and all the lights from the boards and everything at night in person is just so awesome!!!!

Then we went downstairs where they have their outdoor bar with a live band....Aaron loved it and I caught him tapping his foot with the band, he wouldn't take their eyes off of him! He left with my inlaws so mean and James ended up driving around downtown, with the windows down, it was such a nice night, the temps have gotten a little better at night here!

We had a good time just listening to the radio and driving, really in the last year I think I've discovered how beautiful our city really is, some of the neat architecture in the downtown area, I've always been a fan of the Historic Old Louisville too, I would love to own one of those red bricks with the hunter green front door and shutters, so pretty! I think that's partly why I'm a fan of the houses in the highlands too they are just beautiful! Me and James drove through Thursday night after we left the fair alone and then went parking in Seneca park! lol Going parking sorta makes you feel young again! lol

Saturday night we drove through the old neighborhood South Louisville...were we met, were we use to hang out and party. I had some of the best times there, and I probably shouldn't have! lol I miss it some days...well not all the partying, but hanging out with everyone. We use to go to the VFW post on Saturday nights when we didn't have a kids, we started after we had Aaron...and meet up with our old crowd, but they've changed it now, it hasn't been the same the last two years almost! I loved that place! We drove past Saturday night and didn't even recognize half the people out there! I think alot of people quit going there.

We ended the night just coming home instead of going to the movies, we were ready for a few drinks! And some of our friends stopped by and we all just hung out for a while..we had a really good night!

Today has been pretty lazy though I've been doing some laundry and we fixed dinner but that's about it! We've been playing with Aaron most of the day! I think I'm gonna do about two more loads and I'm done for the night! I even read a book today!

I think I'll do some maintenance on BOL tonight and then go to bed early if Aaron will cooperate!

I'll try to write more this week, I know once I get back into my routine with them and school that it will get better, well until basketball season starts and the girls start cheering! But til then I'll try to be good!


Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

Sounds like you've had a hectic time. That restraunt sounds far is it from SC? ;)

Good luck on week 2....that's the week as us, C went back the 20th.


Oh yes, and the girls are getting older, WE are not ;)

confusedmommyof3 said...

I'm not sure how far it is, but I'm sure we could mapquest it!!! lol

And we just started week three today, we went back on the 14th...

And I agree they are getting old not us!

That Smith Girl said...

What a fun & busy weekend Chelle! I am glad you guys had a good time... I love the pictures!

Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

You still out there Chelle? Must be another hectic week! {{hugs}}