Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My True Loves Name

Your True Love's Name Is

James T.

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Well I haven't talked about the love of my life yet! Isn't it amazing when the kids are staying at grandma and grandpa's that you don't even know what to do with yourself since you have free time! Me and James have spent a lot of time together these past two weeks....the kids are back at their grandparents getting in there time that's about to go away with school starting. I often times get aggravated at James, just little petty stuff, nothing really important, and sometimes just because he knows how to push my buttons and does it for fun sometimes....but in all reality I can't imagine my life without him. I mean I honestly just can't envision not having him around. He's become such a big part of my life and I can honestly say I'm more in love with him than the day I married him.

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He's such a great dad, and a wonderful husband! I get so frustrated with him sometimes because he's so short on talking about how he feels and things, that occasionally I start to wonder if he really does care....then he'll do something so teeny tiny, and probably he thinks isn't that significant, which means more to me than all the world!

I remember one morning I went out to my car to go to work, and yeah on numerous occasions I hadn't gotten in my car to find that he left me flowers or a card, no occasion just because....well this particular morning I got in my car and he had picked flowers out of the front yard...and on a scrap piece of school notebook paper, he must have found in my car, and with a pencil no less...he wrote a note "A little something to remind you of me while I'm gone" Love James "Sorry, Spur of the moment"

I remember that morning he'd been hurrying try to get ready to go out of town on a job, BUT he was thinking about me!! That meant so much, to this day I keep that piece of folded up paper in my wallet, and if I ever start thinking he just doesn't care, I get that out and read it. He's not a man big on alot of words, but he has an amazing heart. And that heart is what I find myself falling in love again over and over again!

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I have a friend that once was telling me how I had the perfect marriage, we never fight, we never argue....well we do....I guess one we just really don't broadcast it....but even though we fight passionately , we love passionately too...we don't hold grudges....I might get so ticked off at him and explode, and go into one of my tirades one minute....by in the next minute he'll make some stupid joke or do something silly and I'll just start laughing and of course we are kissing the next.
It's not to say we don't have problems, every relationship has problems, we've sure had out share, and rough patches....but one thing I can count on is that if we can just get through that rough patch, even if it seems like it will never end that we can make it!

I had a quote on my myspace page "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person"

I honestly and truly believe that quote! I can't tell you in how many instances I have fallen in love with him again! When each one of our kids were born, when he does something so small, just a nice gesture, occasionally with a sweet kiss. My heart still melts every time he kisses me on the forehead, I literally could tear up!

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So Now I will stop gushing cause I need to go frost some cupcakes for work tomorrow and wake my sleeping beauty up off the couch. (Snoring is not really becoming of him)

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Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

You've had your up's and downs. But he is one of the good guys, i'm glad you found him. That last pic is great! I'm shocked he's smiling in a pic though!

rachd said...

Ah, what a great guy! You know, there are days I want to kill Brien, and then others, I love him to bits and pieces. I think it's like that in most marriages! :o)

That Smith Girl said...

That is a great entry Chelle. I know how much you love your husband...but what is great is that you also appreciate him!

lovinmyfamily said...

What a great blog! That is so wonderful about the little things James does for you!!