Saturday, August 4, 2007

Day Three

Well another day without the kids....Can we say BORED! I went to bed way early last night, I honestly think I was in bed at 9! I did get to see visit with the kids a little bit last night, and I was really missing them today....James ended up going over to see them this morning after he went to the bank.

So I decided today I needed to clean out my closet!

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So I worked on it!!! And got rid of some stuff, and got it back in shape...then I decided I guess the rest of the room could be cleaned, so I moved furniture and swept and cleaned! James had gone fishing so I was all alone! I got alot of laundry done too and the rest of the house! I even read a book today too!
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I even had time for a little pampering! A Pedi and a Mani!! In Peace no less!!
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James got home about 10 and we were going to go to the midnight move to see I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, so we got all ready and then we left, and then halfway there we decided we wanted Steak N' Shake and to just go home and watch a movie on PPV....So we are getting ready to watch Norbit and snuggle on the couch....

I can't wait til the kids come home tomorrow, I think I'm going to bake a cake with them, and have a big dinner! I can't wait to do some stuff with them!

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Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

you are in serious withdraw girl! I hope tomorrow goes well, and yes we want a picture of the cake ;)

The closet looks great...and so do your toe's :)