Sunday, March 30, 2008

EASTER Weekend in Pictures!

These are the gorgeous tulips that James got me for Easter, I don't really know why but ever since we have been together we always got each other something little for Easter....I think I started it so he would keep his paws off the kids candy! But anyway I got tulips, a Webkinz Bunny, and a chocolate rabbit for Easter , and James got his usual basket of favorite candies and snacks, that he hides in the bedroom until it's gone! I guess it's just our little tradition.
The kids Bunny Hutch! James loves putting these together almost as much as the kids, so that's always his holiday project to do! I thought it turned out pretty good!
The dying of Easter eggs and the patients it takes to sit there and watch and egg dye and have no activity for Oh My Mercy! At least 5 minutes!! Once you get past that first hurdle then it's on like donkey kong! That's when the flurry of them putting on silly faces, tattooing, glittering, and rearranging of multi colored eggs really starts!

Me sans make up after a whopper of a day! So please forgive! James just looks plain goofy....but as someone from another blog says, I'm just keepin it real!

Lame on the cupcake front this year...I was exhausted, so we went the sprinkle route!! Maybe for fourth of July I'll get more festive....head count for that at Easter was up to about 100! Woot I can't wait!
Fresh Pico De Gallo that I made for us to munch on while we did our was Yummy....thank you The Pioneer Woman

Savannah and Rylan's Easter baskets.....I always get them a basket every year....
The kids Easter baskets! They use the same ones every year, we sit them out the night before for the bunny to fill up!

Then after the bunny fills their baskets, then he hides Easter Eggs filled with money and stuff in the front yard, so after we wake up and get our baskets we always hunt eggs in our pj's!!!

The following picture is what you get when you tell your wild spirit 7 year old to make sure she has on shoes and socks!!!

I really wish I could get the video of this to load on here, but for some reason it keeps giving me and error. This is my Aunt Patty, and if you only knew Patty , you'd have to love her! Irreverant, opinionated, loving, affectionate, crazy, cooky, the most fun person to be around, and can cook like there is no tomorrow!! And she makes the BEST, VERY VERY BEST chocolate fudge in the world!!! Or well at least Kentuckiana! Anyway she cannot play the piano, but it was the best darn version of "How Great Though Art" that I ever heard!

This is my precious daughters face while observering Aunt Patty!

And then the next Easter egg hunt was on....

Aaron, my Aunt Maryann, Peyton (the dog), and my cousin's son Grant playing basketball! Peyton wasn't half bad he really goes after the dog. I forgot to ask my cousin but I'm almost positive that Peyton is after Peyton Manning...
I swear when I looked at Grant's pictures I totally see my cousin Travis when we were little....minus the koolaid stain!

Look at little bunny Rylan!! He wasn't exceptionally happy to be wearing those but he tolerated it for a few minutes for Aunt Chelle to get a picture!
I just really really like this picture!!!!
Little Bunny Foo Foo's!!!

*Please note the chocolate bunny around his mouth!

We had a really nice Easter, it was more low key than some as far as people wise at our house this year. I really wanted to spend some time with my Mom's family this year, it's something I had done less of, but after Uncle Sonny's death I realized that it's something I shouldn't put off, and it wasn't for not caring it was trying to juggle everthing! It was alot less stressful

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Semi-Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup

So feeling inspiration again from The Pioneer Woman
James requested that I cook Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup! Yum, and great for a snow filled day. So I sent him out in the snow to get all the ingredients, well what we were missing. My list of ingredients is Chicken broth (2 large cans), egg noodles, poultry seasoning, black pepper, garlic, onions, celery, carrots, butter.

And Chicken Breast, (while I prefer a whole chicken, if you do not have one of if you just don't want to go to the trouble, you can use boneless chicken breasts as well)
Put your Chicken broth in a large pot on the stove
Put your chicken breast on a pan and add butter and black pepper generously and bake at 350 until done.
Boil your egg noodles as directed on the package, and then drain and set aside
Add your poultry seasoning, garlic and black pepper to the chicken broth ( I don't really measure alot so I'm sorry I'm not giving you exacts, I always just taste test mine to decide. Bring to a boil

Next (while the chicken is baking) finely chop up some onion and celery
I also cut up some carrots for the soup (Hint, add a speck of water, cover with a paper towel and microwave for about 1 minute) I add the celery, onion and carrots to the soup and simmer for 15 minutes
Look at all that juice...from the chicken and butter....don't forget to drain that into the stock pot with the broth in it...
When you are finished with the chicken shred it up
Once you have all that done, mix together 1/4 of a cup of corn starch with a 1/3 of a cup of water and mix well, then add slowly to the brother mixture. Next through in the noodles and chicken! I always let it simmer sit for about an hour before we eat it...It's so yummy!!!!!!!