Friday, March 7, 2008

Isn't It Two Weeks Before Easter?

Doesn't much look like it does it now?

James woke me up at 5:30 this morning to tell me that there wasn't a lick of snow on the ground nor was it snowing or raining or doing anything, but that the girls school was canceled for the day. Yeah me! lol I had a very busy day planned and Brienne even had a slumber party tonight! Canceled!

So up I got and got ready, got the kids ready took them to my FIL to watch for a while, went to work til 11, to help answer the calls and go ahead and get stuff ready for Monday. Had to go get my mom after that about 30 minutes from my work to take her to her doctors appointment. We got good news and bad news.....

I guess here is where I should update on what's been happening in my family! Dad went in on December 4th for a hip replacement, and it went GREAT! Two weeks before he was to have his second one, my mother fell on ICE at my house and broke her ankle in four places and had to have emergency surgery. (She's really luck her daughter works in the medical field and pulled strings to get her the best foot/ankle specialist in the city and she arrived in the ER at 2:15, they had her in surgery at 4:30) So then two weeks later I had my dad in the hospital, and his surgery had a complication because this hip was the worse of the two...anyway so it was going to take a little longer for recovery...meanwhile my mother found out she got to go into her second here I have two parents who can't walk, well dad could walk but only with a walker, and neither of them could drive! Yeah my life has not been easy lately...and on top of that NO childcare, we've had snowstorms, sick kids, I've missed two tons of work, but I work for a wonderful group of docs who love me, and know normally I never miss work! lol
Anyway I've gotten way off track!

Mom went in today and she got her second cast OFF!!! Woot Woot, she went into an air's sorta like a boot....and she will be in that for at least 4 weeks......the bad news , we thought she would be able to walk and drive today and he said no 10 days....but yeah know what after all this, I can handle that! 10 more days til our lives will get back to some type of normal!

This post has gotten way off track.....anyway after doing the doctor thing and picking up the girls, we were off to stop at the post office and the grocery for provisions of the 13 inches of snow that we might be getting tonight. I'm leaning toward we will get a decent amount, we've already gotten about 3-4 inches and Look what it's doing to my spring flowers that are trying to grow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

HELLO Mother Nature see that? I want pretty flowers, snow and greenery don't go well together....I didn't even notice they had come up til I pulled in the driveway this afternoon and saw it poking out of the snow! I know I'm so observant, look people I've been busy! lol

Most of these pictures I took out at my parents house, because they leave out on a lot of land and it's the one thing I miss about not living in the city, if I could just have A lot of land in the city I'd be golden! Maybe one day!

I did take a few pictures in my backyard, after I finally made it home! The view out front wasn't as pretty, and I'm all about the pretty!!

One thing I love about my backyard are my trees, even though during tornadoes I'm always fearful they might decide to move into our house! I love these trees, in snow, in spring, in the fall...LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!!

Guess who else LOVES SNOW!!!! Licorice.......look how big she is getting too, I know I haven't posted pics of her in a while, I've taken them but just haven't taken the time to download them! I could not get her to come back in the house, and actually at this moment she is still out there...wonder if I'll ever drag her back in!

While I was downstairs doing my domestic duties (ie. Laundry) I came upstairs to find this hot hunk of a male specimen in my front yard!!! How did I ever get so lucky.....My fairy godmother must have granted my wish of a snow fairy to come and shovel my sidewalk.....

Nah, It's just my husband, and I'm sure in same
shape or form I will be paying for the shoveling later!

Now that I've been all over the board tonight with a little bit of everything or just randoms I'll leave it at that! Since I'm snowed in I'm thinking I'll be doing some good blogging this weekend...or well a lot, depends on what you consider good!! lol

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Lesley said...

pheeew that was a lot of into packed into one entry =) lol

Hope your parents heal up quick. Oh and I'd LOVE to move there.... 'cept I don't really enjoy tornadoes. lol