Monday, March 3, 2008

The Morning After

That's my mom and my Uncle Kenny in the picture above! My mom as well as all 8 of her brother's and sisters were very happy that he made it in in time for the funeral!!!

The funeral is something else I really feel compelled to write about from the eulogy that his son gave to the twenty-one gun salute, but I will have to save that for later, I am truly wiped right now and I have to be heading to work soon. So I thought I'd just share a few pictures from the dinner we had after the funeral.

This picture is of my Aunt Donna's husband Kenny, my Uncle Sonny's son Bobby, My Aunt Margaret, and you see Brie's head, and my Uncle Kenny and Mom over to the side.

This is Bobby Again, My Aunt Donna, Aunt Margaret, and my Mom

Brienne and my Dad.

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