Sunday, March 2, 2008

Uncle Sonny

Today is a really sad day in our is the day of my Uncle Sonny's funeral. I still just can't believe it. I didn't see my Uncle Sonny alot, but our families were still always close, and I was born on his birthday. My mom comes from a very large family, she had 11 brother/sisters living, and 4 siblings that died in infancy. This is the first death of a sibling since then and it's hitting them all really hard, couple that with the fact that it was everyone's big brother, and it was all so sudden and nobody got to say goodbye.

The picture above is my Uncle Sonny, that smile, that was him....that's what I remember the most even from a very early age is my Uncle Sonny's huge smile....and I can't forget his tobacco pipe and how he loved to fish.

I think it's also hitting all the cousins really hard too, I know another cousin of mine in's made us realize our parents aren't invincible and this is the start of something we all don't want to go through, burying our parents, our Aunts and Uncles....and it makes it hard to because alot has gone on in my family lately, both my parents have had surgery, one of my mom's sisters had a hip replacement and got really sick, two other's had back surgery, a few months back my Uncle Hank fell of a piece of machinery and got seriously injured....I think it's just put things in perspective for us. It's sorta cute at the funeral home you just see us all hovering over our parents to make sure they are how the roles change. I think it's bringing us all even closer together, this is the first death on my mom's side of the family since I was 4 when my Granny Gunn died.

Since my mom comes from such a large family my Uncle Sonny was the oldest at 71....and they run down to 51....

I know I'm all across the board on this blog, and I'm not doing any editing, I just needed to get some things out this morning before the funeral, some feeling I'm having.

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