Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our Annual Tradition......Let Me Take you To the Derby Part II

This is my husband in his element! Well except tile......this is like Christmas to him! He hardly ever takes off work, but come Derby week....well you all remember the shirt....he has no desire and becomes part of the track. Seriously I hardly see him from Thursday morning til Saturday morning. Though I am on call for designated driver duties!!
Every year we end up at the In Field with the same group of people! Lil' Larry being one of them. I honestly have known Larry longer than I've known my husband...and he's just like one of the family...he's always around...my kids tease him like he's a sibling...it's nuts... Larry is a serial partier.....but you just can't help but love him.....he's a good guy and fun to be around...doesn't start drama...but just likes to have a good time!

Um Larry, did you miss Mark's head up in the corner.....and no you can't borrow my camera to go take boobie shots!

Here is Larry......and James best friend Mark....and his girlfriend Tara....she's been part of the crew the last three years....
The only people missing this year were my brother in law and sister in law Paul and Amy......but they were unable to get a babysitter this year....but this is the first year in 5 years they haven't been there~ Next year people....HELLO it's the first Saturday in May plan ahead!

This was right after the Big Race......we'd headed out of the infield and were in the Paddock area at this time......you can already see my sun burn....not the best pic of me but I like how James is smiling in it...if I couldn't see his hand in the picture I would swear that's when it was ohhhh nevermind! lol
And then our hike back to Berry Blvd........It wasn't too bad only about 7 blocks to hike back to the car. And my husband handles it so well with all our gear in tow! Uh, I was handling the camera! hehe :P

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