Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Louisville Zoo....Memorial Weekend

I adore this family picture!!! I think I might even have to get this blown up and framed!!

So Last Sunday we decided to take the kids to the zoo...we hadn't been since last fall.....I was so ready to go to the zoo and try out my camera!!!

We had a blast!!!! I'll have to tell you a story about these two at a later time! They were an interesting pair of camels!

Look it's baby Scotty who just turned a year old recently!!!!
And of course my little gorillas!!! Last year I had a very similar pose as the main picture on my blog! My how they have grown up in just a year!

WOW~ These are few and far between! And once in a while I do get to get out from behind the camera!

Lulu, the pot bellied OUR favorite statue in the zoo!!! Everyone has to visit her before we can leave!! (well except James , he thinks were nuts) She's just so cute!!!


noble pig said...

Okay, was that camel really showing its teeth? Hilarious. What a fun day.

That Smith Girl said...

GREAT pictures Chelle! Love them all. It looks like fun & makes me want to go to the zoo!