Monday, May 19, 2008

Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers

I love to get my yard looking good once all the snow and frost and bad weather has finally left! I love spring for this reason. To me it always looks so dreary until everything is green and blooming! That's when I love to be outside!

We use to have a Bradford Pear tree in this bed.....actually we made the bed around it and a planted a few little flowers in it each year.....well then one 4th of July....after an excellent day we came home to find our tree all in our front yard and in our neighbors driveway! Poor little Pear tree had to be taken totally down, though my husband never removed the stump! So last summer I decided I was planting creeping phlox to cover it all up! They have really grown alot....and already bloomed this year! They were so pretty , I don't think I got a picture though.

This was the side of our house, we hadn't really done anything with it....I planted a Hosta there last fall when I thinned out my other ones, and I also transplanted Iris's from my mom's house along the side of the house. This year though we decided to go ahead and make it another flower bed. We are trying to really get the front of the house done this year, cause next year we need to concentrate on the back yard once we get our patio poured.
This is the after product of my husbands hard labor putting in the bricks!
Oops....we were 1 bag of mulch short!!! We'll fix that!!

That's the end of my little slide show of flowers!!! I'm sure I'll bore you all more throughout the summer as they grow and different things bloom....but that's it for now!


That Smith Girl said...

Your yard looks super Chelle! LOVE IT! You can tell you love to work in it too. Doesn't that make you so proud?

:: Lesley :: said...

OH Lots of pretty flowers..... that's awesome...