Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kentucky Derby LetDown

That's the day after! Everything is so hyped up in Louisville for a good solid month before Derby Day....and then the big day hits......and then it's all over...and what's left??? What's to look forward too....well today it a do nothing day....then we start planning for Derby 09'.

Next year I want box seats!!!! My husband has already promised.....we normally do in field...and it's fun, it's a blast, you have to do infield at least once to say you did it , and honestly it's not bad......but I feel that you have to at least do box seats once too! Next year I want to get dressed up ( maybe no hat, I'm just not a hat person) and do it dressy style! lol So then maybe I won't be so sunburned and windburned that I am miserable the next day!

My picks did come in this year!! I had Big Brown, Eight Belle's and Pyro in an exacta box.....I was so excited! I never get it right, my horses are usually still running. This year I couldn't make up my mind, I always just pick one horse and put my money to win on that....but I had four names in my head that I couldn't get out.....for various different reasons...and now I just wish I had put more money on it! hehe....oh well to me Derby is not about the money!! I mean look at that Big Brown monster up above....he's beautiful, he's strong, he's gorgeous.

By the way these are not my pictures, I borrowed them from the local paper, I was no where near close enough to get these types of pictures! But I will post my pictures coming this week!

On a sad note, the Kentucky Derby had it's first fatality of a horse in over 41 years, though technically it didn't happen during the Derby....Eight Belle's in all her filly glory....broke both her ankles right after the race and had to be euthanized right on the track. For Larry Jones, her trainer, it was like loosing a family member, for her considers his horses part of the family. It was a sad day and somber day for this pretty little filly who ran the race of her life.

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