Thursday, April 17, 2008

Under Construction!!

Not really, that's just me tonight. I have a killer headache , I think it's everything blooming! So tonight I choose some random shots...cause well I guess I'm feeling a little random tonight!! And who says everything has to be planned out!!!I've shown you proof he smiles, now his scowl! He's adorable even when he scowls...I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate this picture! hehe
Oatmeal Crispies, Yummmmy..... I got this recipe from too, she makes the best stuff!! James and the kids loved them, might have to make more this weekend!
My Hostas that I transplanted last fall are coming in better than the ones I didn't move!! Now they can spread out as much as they want!
This coming weekend or early next week, I have a series of photos that I just like to call sisters...I don't know maybe I'm sappy but they are just really sweet pictures to me, maybe because most of the time anymore Brienne and Chasity just annoy each other, so when I catch them really getting along or being loving to each other it just makes me feel good! That one day they'll get along and have a great relationship!
I also have pictures from Brienne's field trip to My Old Kentucky Home State Park .....I've always had an interest in historical type things...I love all that stuff...I got some nice shots of the grounds, it stinks though you aren't allowed to take pictures inside the house....BUMMER!


Lesley said...

I want some cookies.... :)~

That Smith Girl said...

You take such great pictures! I love the sisters picture! Also...thanks for the website...I want to cook after reading it & me wanting to cook is is HUGE deal!

confusedmommyof3 said...

They are great cookies!!!

I love Pioneer Woman...
And she makes cooking so easy!