Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last Friday.....

Was a pretty nice day we headed out!! It was finally nice to see some color out in our yard! It had been so bleak and bleary for what seemed like forever, I so love Spring, everything has such a new look!!! Cause well, it's new!!
My free spirit so loves when she doesn't have to wear a jacket! She was in total hog heaven!!!

I don't know why but I just LOVE this expression on his face...maybe cause I can't figure out if it's amazement, wonderment, concentration, I'm just not sure, but it's so darn cute on my baby!!!
That's what he was looking at in his previous picture, he got this rocket last year for his birthday....and he played with it a little , but honestly cause it's an outside thing when we came in I stuck it in his closet and we both forgot about it, but now it's out...and won't be forgotten about!!
Look at that blue sky!!!! Honestly it only stayed that way about an hour or so after we got out.....then it turned dreary looking and it got windy and I swear the temp dropped like 20 degrees......sadly enough for Thunder the next was nasty!
Did someone say CHEESE????????????????
Have a I mentioned I LOVE tulips?????

My creeping Phlox are finally starting to bloom!!! Woot......I planted a lot of perennials last year and it's really nice to start to see the hard work paying off, my goal is to keep planting more and more perennials every year until I don't really have to plant anything and just do maintenance.

Look how big Licorice has gotten, and mischievous as well! One of many thing she's gotten her mouth on in the back yard....I try to tell them not to leave anything out that they don't want her to mess up, cause she will find it!

Look at that face.........but she knows when he's doing something that she's not suppose to be doing!!

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Lesley said...

Weather looks great!!!!!!!!!!! Cute pics as always..... :)~