Friday, April 18, 2008


Yeah I live in Louisville, Kentucky....not California....most people here do not expect to be woken up by an earthquake.....tornado sure....plain crash, train derailment, a blizzard all expected!!

So this morning when my husband told me we just had an earthquake I rolled back over and said you are crazy!! Well nope he wasn't I sleep through a 5.2 magnitude earthquake!

Above is one of the buildings in downtown Louisville, and all the debris around it from the earthquake damage......thankfully it happened in the early morning hours before the streets were crowded with rush hour traffice .

Then before 11 am this morning , we had another one, this one was a 4. something .....and they are saying we keep having them but they are under 1 on the Richter scale...and to expect little ones for the next few days....

Well I still haven't felt one!

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