Monday, April 28, 2008

The One , The Only Kentucky Derby Week

I found this shirt for my husband the other day, and the second I saw it, I had to buy it for him. It's just him. This is his favorite time of the year, and well mine too, but he can't even stand to be working, he has to be near the ponies! The majority of places in Louisville you don't have to work on Friday because it's Oaks! It's like Christmas Eve to all the non-Louisvillians!
Everything starts off with Thunder....that was a few weeks back, you guys saw the pictures
Then there is the great Balloon Race, which includes several things, the Rush-Hour race, the Balloon Glow....
There is the mini-marathon
The Great Bed Race!
Then the Great Steamboat Race, where we always fight with the Delta Queen and occasionally another contender for the Golden Antlers on Wednesday
Then the Pegasus Parade on Thursday
And then on Friday.....The Kentucky Oaks!!!!!!!!
Last but certainly not least, the Running of the Kentucky Derby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most exciting 2 minutes of the year!!!!!

It's amazing all the prep, excitement, festivities that go on for weeks before the Derby, and the actual race is only 2 minutes long! And honestly I've only touched on a few of the activities!

So the other night, my loving husband was in the kitchen fixing me a turkey sandwich when he goes I just don't understand , I just don't want to work at all this week! I looked at him....looked down at his shirt! HELLO.....It's Derby Week baby!!!


:: Lesley :: said...

Fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna go to the derby!!!!!!

Andi said...

I can't believe I used to live two hours away from there and never knew how much stuff went on around the Derby. I wanna go now too!

confusedmommyof3 said...

You all are more than welcome anytime! But Derby is the most fun!

Sarah said...

WAH!! I guess I shall go to the beach Saturday to suppress my pain of being away for Derby, lol.

Terry Miller said...

The one thing I want to do before I die is to make it to the Derby. I've read about what goes on Derby Day but never realized so much went on before that first Saturday in May. Thanks for the post. As a aside, we may have our next Triple Crown winner in Big Brown. He looked awesome!

confusedmommyof3 said...

Oh you MUST! Big Brown was awesome! He was my Derby pick! I actually hit the exacta with Big Brown, Eight Belle's and Pyro!