Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Sun Shines Bright on My Old Kentucky Home!

This is just a beautiful place to go visit! The grounds are so pretty , but then maybe I'm sort of partial because I love things to do with History, it just intrigues me!
So anyway last Wednesday I went with Brienne's 4th grade class, and the 5th graders to the State Park!

I just love this picture! It just says Kentucky to me! I don't know why or how it just does!!
This was our tour guide for the first part of the tour...or well the first floor of the house. One thing I didn't like was that you couldn't take pictures inside of house! Oh how I could have went nuts taking pictures! It was so neat! They still had most of the original furniture, original paintings, books, and dinner ware! It was so neat!!

This was out back, it was the kitchen and meat house, and stables.....

The sundial totally intrigued the kids, they were so into figuring out what time it was on it! And it worked! This is probably the thing they spent the most time on outside!

This was one of the wells on the some point (can't remember exactly) 8 family members died in one night from drinking contaminated well water....

John Rowan SR. , the man who built the house, was a lawyer and later a judge, his law office was in a small building at the front of the property!
This is Brienne and the two Hannah's!
The girls in Brienne's class! From Left to Right...Terrian (TeTe), Brienne, Hannah, Megin, Hannah, and Madison (Maddy)

I loved these little benches, they were all over the property! I would love to go there later in spring when everything is blooming!

I loved these jockey's and horses, and thought they would look so adorable on my front porch...I wanted several of them!
But even the little suckers were over $40!! I could have spent a fortune I settled for taking a picture!

After we toured My Old Kentucky Home State Park, we took the kids to another park where they could eat lunch and run out all that energy that they have!
I love snapping unsuspecting shots of my kids...or just people in general, you can get some of the best shots!
And then they discover what you are doing!

This is when Brienne was plotting with her friends about how they were going to get unfrozen during freeze tag!

Still calling for help!!!!

She didn't get left up there for long, someone came and rescued Repunzel.............and then we went home!

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That looks like an awesome place! Beautiful!