Saturday, April 12, 2008

I LOVE spring!!!!

I'm just so happy that spring has finally hit!!! Cause Spring, Summer and Fall are all my favorite seasons!! Probably Summer most of all, but I'm not picky...anything but cold weather!!!
I'm one of those people that have to change my kitchen table with the holidays or the seasons. Yeah Irritating I know, and you might think I have too much time on my hands, but I don't, but I will go without sleep one night so my table will reflect something cheerful, I guess....odd I know I am! I just like to decorate, and since I'm not made of money nor do I have enough time to do my whole house, I settle....for the table! And I'm majorly excited at my daisy finds at Target (said with a French accent) these will work with all kinds of pieces throughout the summer, I can't wait til 4th of July to add Red and Blue with these...... I bought the votive holders on a whim, but I kept going back looking at the lantern piece, after three times standing there ogling it I bought it!
Have I ever mentioned I love far carnations will and always will be my favorite flower, but I think tulips come a very very close second! It's just they don't live for very long and their season is very very short!
Last but not least, I had the daisy plate I bought at Easter to use for cookies and cupcakes as part of my table when I found the candle holders and lantern, I wanted to still use this, but I thought a daisy plate might look a little silly, plus I needed a little more color on this table....honestly they are pretty darn good faux fruit! Target had a 4 piece apple set but they wanted $10, got theses three pieces at Wally World for $3! Bargain shopper I am! (My husband would say otherwise)

That concludes my boring post of the night......table decorating 101........I'm sure you were inspired!!!

TOMORROW , I do have something exciting though!!!! Thunder over Louisville pictures!!! Awesome Awesome!!!!

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Lesley said...

Spring is soooo pretty! You can come and decorate my tables.....