Sunday, April 13, 2008


One of my most favorite things is Fireworks!!!!! So when the Kentucky Derby Festival decided that Thunder Over Louisville would be the kick off to the Kentucky Derby, the Derby went up a notch in my book!!! And every year gets bigger and better, especially since this is one of the largest fireworks displays in the Country. It could even be seen from the space station! How cool is that! It's like Louisville's Mardi Gras!!
So anyway here is one of my favorite things in pictures!!!!!
Here is my abominable Husb-man...isn't he cute! Might I add the weather was horrid! Cold Cold Cold!!
Me and Chasity.....she was munchin' on pretzels!!! Gotta keep them fed!!
Me and my snuggle bunny....Aaron of course!
We were trying to stay really warm and bundled up and close together to conserve body heat!
The rooftop when we first got there.......the company I work for has a hospital we get to go on the top floor of the parking garage! $7 a piece which is a great price, they have cheap food, drinks, games for the kids, dancing, contests, arts and crafts, music , a dj! It's really really nice and you get to park in the garage for free...which if you've tried to find a parking space downtown on Thunder you know that's a luxury! Also we didn't have to fight a crowd!
This starts the air show!!! It's awesome!!!

I almost forgot about the magician....who went around making balloon animals and such for the kids!

That's a dog under there with Chasity!
Another cool thing I like about our city...all over it you will find these banners, like this one of Colonel Sanders, that say things like this one say Kentucky's Colonel...but there are other ones of Diane Sawyer, Tori Murder, Patrick Henry Hughes, and such that say Diane's Louisville, Tori's Louisville.....because this is where they grew up and were from! I think its' a cool way to honor our city and honor some of the great people who live in it!
The other garage! I got the tickets to the employee garage it has the best view...but we were next to the other garage.....
I forgot about Square Dancing as well!!! They had some square dancers who would dance with you! lol No thanks, but man I bet they were cold....look at those legs!
My baby boy!!!!!

Aaron decided he had to dance, the rest of us didn't want to leave he warmth of our blankets, so Aaron had a ball doing the Hokey Pokey, Macarena, Cha Chas Slide, Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, he even joined a conga line, and best of all......he earned a new nickname....during a dance session of Shout! he decided to do a flip! So now daddy's boy is affectionately called Lil' Flip!!!! We were trying to decide if he was trying to impress the girls or just be silly! He even got microphone time and told everyone his name was Aaron James Taylor! lol
Getting down doing the Cha Cha Slide

Every year at the opening of the fireworks, they fly the American flag and play or have someone sing the National Anthem, one year I think LeaAnne Rimes sang it......This always gives me cold's one of my favorite parts!
And after the countdown let the fireworks begin!! I'll try not to get to wordy doing this glorious, magnificent, breath taking , earth shattering, event!!

Stopping to point out that this even shuts down the interstate in our city you can neither go to or from Indiana or Kentucky at this have to find an alternate route...which this is not many when you have a river separating the two states.

I honestly love our skyline.......


Lesley said...

Damn that's a lot of pictures....... ME LIKES!!! Looks cold but fun!

~A~ said...

That looks like it was so much fun! Gorgeous pics of the fireworks Chelle!