Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back In the Bloggin' Business!!!

Gosh, it feels like FOREVER!!! I have had one of the worst bouts of sickness in as far back as I could remember! After begging my husband yesterday to just let me die, and thinking my head was never ever going to clear, finally I am feeling better. I actually went outside for a little bit today with my boys!!

Awwww man I'm gonna be in trouble when he tries to start bringin girls home....look at that grin!
I think this is James new touchdown dance! hehe....I'm sure he'd love me if he knew I was posting this picture! He was playing catch with one of the kids next door!

And then Tut-tut it feels like rain....tut tut it feels like rain......remember Christopher Robin in the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, when he took out his umbrella and made that statement? Actually I think he said It looks like rain, but heck we were getting sprinkles already! So that was the end of our fun for the afternoon.


:: Lesley :: said...

HE's such a cutie pie! Him and Ty would be best friends!!!!!!! :) lol

confusedmommyof3 said...

Wouldn't they though....and Aaron LOVES friends! lol

That Smith Girl said...

HOLY COW, that CANNOT be Aaron...he just is toooo big! He is so cute Chelle!