Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Parents 4th of July Party.......Part One

Just a small preview of some of the fireworks, I'm still trying to do my best to take firework pictures and I haven't quit mastered it yet, but I have more to come, along with a few videos if I can get them to work.
This is my niece Savannah Rose........
Aaron's best friend Adam.....he lives next door to my parents
Aaron of course.....he was a wild child all day, I practically didn't see my children the whole day, except here and there, there were too many kids, and too many people....

Mr. Rylan Roo.......he's getting so big, I told Amy just wait til next year he will be out there running around with all those kids!
This is Uncle Larry(well on my mom's side)! You have to really know Larry to love Larry! He teases, annoys, but in such a way you just can't help but to like him, even though he can be a pain in the ass!

Chasity....I'm throwing in all their pics, cause there are so few of them that day compared to everyone else! lol I let her use my old camera for the day...I have yet to go through all the pics and see if I might do a post of her pictures on here! lol
This is Grant, he's adorable! He looks just like my cousin Travis when he was little, and a lot like my Uncle Hank too.

This my dad's brother Danny and my Aunt Sara.....
Tammi.....this is my cousin Dean's wife....out of the ones he's had, she's been the best! That sounded bad didn't it! lol

Randy! This is Adam's dad, and my parents neighbor Randy....he's been around forever, so really and truly there family is more like our family than just neighbors, Adam even calls my parents Aunt Rose and Uncle David.... He was grilling the burgers this day! And some of you guys from BOL probably remember me asking for prayers for him a while back when he was getting his kidney transplant....things have gone really really well, and everyone thanks God for that! And thanks for everyone's prayers.
My husband of course.....and that's my cousin Dean...double trouble that day....someone just kept handing James the beers....I'm pretty sure it was Larry (Dean's dad, my uncle) but I sorta think Dean might have had a hand in it too! lol
This is James' friend Jason and James brother Paul.....playing corn hole....that's where the guys spent most of the day.

This is Adam's mom Feledra and his little sister Reese......
My grandpa, my grandma's sister-in-law Edna, and my grandma

She has the prettiest blue eyes!

There is my Dad, with his patriotic shirt on! I bought him a Bass Pro Shop gift card for Father's Day so he could go buy more fishing stuff...he got this shirt and a hat and other stuff instead! I call him Mr. Patriotic! lol My Aunt Patty is in the background!! Let me say she makes the best chocolate fudge EVER, hands down!!!!!!! And most everything else she makes is awesome!

This is Rosalind, James cousin Melody's daughter, she's getting ready to be a big sister in September when her little brother Nathan joins the crew.

Brienne...........that's all I'm saying!

The kids had a blast on this thing! And actually for the most part were really good about taking turns and having a blast without getting nuts! Of course we had a few older kids there to help out. Brienne and her friend Sierra and then my cousin's kids Cody and Dalton...those boys are awesome with younger kids!
James cousin's Beth (Hi Beth!, see your picture is here so you should make a comment! lol) and Melody.

That's my cousin Travis (Grant's Dad) sitting next to my Aunt Donna and across from Larry and Tammi

James and Paul playing corn hole...again
Dean, and Melody's husband Kevin
Adam, getting ready to stand by for the fireworks!
Speaking of which, in one of my parents spare bedrooms (or well my old room, and now my girls room at my parents) we stored the fire works...........with lots of prayers that nothing set one off in the house! lol

Yeah I think I have a few pyromaniacs on my hands, but they put on a heck of a good show!
If you haven't noticed these are all raw, uncut photos...I just uploaded the majority of you a feel of the day...and please remember I was going heavy on the Amaretto sours, and pretty light on food! lol

My Sister in Law(though she is more like a sister) Amy, and my Mother in Law
My Aunt Patty and my mom's very good friend Irma who I love to death, she's so funny...seriously discussing dessert....
Look at the little grin! Not AMY! lol I'm talking about Rye-Rye
Loading up the fireworks to transport to the launching pad.

Okay there is a story behind this picture! Me and my friend Kristie are on my parents front porch when this guy starts walking up....I don't know this person, but that's not uncommon for my parents cookout's...then I noticed he came out of this my husband walks up I'm like James the news is here...he goes yeah they are broadcasting...I'm like what?? Our fireworks are good but I don't know that they are that good! lol Turns out the Sports guy at Fox 41 News here locally is my cousin Dean's he came to party! Though he told my Uncle next year since this was so good he might just bring his camera! lol

Rylan getting a little foot ball before the fireworks!

The firebugs doing some Roman Candles as an fireworks appetizer!

These are just pictures of the crowd watching the fireworks!

After the madness people started leaving!!! Look Kristie there you are!!! lol
This is the one and only picture of me......horrible horrible horrible....I have no make up on, my hair started curling from the heat...I am beat, tired, about ready for bed and had so much to drink I was really wanting some white castles! lol James has that same expression on his face every year after the fireworks....I call it....Madness! lol


April said...

Great pics Chelle!! I am impressed you could still hold your camera by the end of the night, I would have been afraid to after my drinking at our 4th party......lmao. That is seriously ONE HUGE blow out.

noble pig said...

Love the pics and I love the baby boobies..he-he.

:: Lesley :: said...

OMG i want one of those waterslide things! How fun would that be!

Christine said...

Wow.....sooooo jealous!!! As Canadian's really need to go and party with you!! Great Pictures Chelle!!

Andi said...

I don't think you uploaded enough pictures to this post ... ;)