Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!

It's the 4th of July!! This is one of my favorite Holiday's! It's really close to Christmas for me, except I like Christmas better because it more a season and not just 1 day....but still it's very close.
And we are all about the fireworks.....this is a little one James set off in our back yard the other night....this is like a baby one compared to the ones he will be doing tomorrow!
My parents have a HUGE 4th of July party every year...this year I think we have grown the biggest we have ever been, we have around 120-130 people who have RSVP'd, and I honestly have lost count! Every time I call my mother, she goes I have 5 more people. I had to honestly ask her yesterday..Mom who else could there possibly be??? lol But my mother is thriving on this and loves to cook for a big crowd so she's in her element today...doing all her prep work!

Yeah I know today is the 4th, but they moved it to tomorrow the 5th because we have a bunch of people coming in from out of town, and we wanted to give them travel time!
And I have a bunch of stuff to make today as I'll be spending a lot time in the kitchen!
I think we are going to grill out tonight at home and set off a few little fireworks like this one for the kids and watch neighbors fire works.....cause all of the big ones have already been shipped out to my parents house.

See these......these are the Big un's........These were purchased after careful internet research and watching of umpteen videos or different fireworks. My husband tells me in the middle of the Phantom fireworks store and I quote " Is it bad that I like buying fireworks more than Jordan's" FEAR, fear hit me.....Jordan's are his obsession...I've never met a man who loves shoes like my husband...and every time a new pair of Jordan's comes out he has to have a fireworks obsession made me clutch the checkbook! This cannot be good. I LOVE watching I love the big ones....and now he's who is going to reign us in! We NEVER have the same addictions that's how we balance each other out!
This was our first trip there!! lol But then we made a second trip.............

In the end.....after I figured up everything that we spent, everything my brother in law spent....and all the free stuff this cool guy at the fireworks place hooked us up with we have over $2400 worth of fireworks!!! (Keep in mind fireworks were buy one get one free) And that's not counting what other people bring to my parents house!
So I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!!!!!


noble pig said...

Happy 4th to you and your family!

:: Lesley :: said...

Oh how fun that you can set off your own fireworks. I'd be in jail right now if I did. LOL

Great Job and Happy Bday America! :)