Friday, July 25, 2008

My Guitar Heroes.....

Brienne rocks at this game....she really does. She's gotten to like level 8......and she just jams , she better than all of us!
You can't break her concentration!
I have so much to do and tonight here I sit blogging, looking at pictures of my kids....By 5 tomorrow I'm having 20 adults over for a let's get rid of our kids for the night and party like we use to party! Except we are going to be playing the Wii and corn hole! Woot! lol
Awww look at this little guitarist! He loves this game.....totally sucks at it, I can say that because I love him and he's my baby and well he doesn't even care to win, he just wants to jam on the guitar...he doesn't even look at the screen! lol

He just likes to look good ......and that he does...he looks like he really knows what he's doing!
I love my baby!!! He learned to swim tonight, I was ever so proud!
Now I'm about ready to go to bed and procrastinate even more of what I need to do...I'll be mad at myself in the morning for not cleaning my house tonight....especially since I have a lot to cook as well!!


noble pig said...

I am so bad at this game! So bad, and kids are so good at it! Poop!

That Smith Girl said...

Thank GOD for this game...Morgan & Scott love it!

lovinmyfamily said...

That looks so fun! we need one! lol. The kids are all so cute chelle!

LuvMyTwins-Nancy said...

Oh I love that game! I suck though. I love those pics of Aaron rocking out!