Saturday, July 19, 2008

The day after the 4th.....

We went back to my mom's to help them clean up but also because some of Grandpa's family was there still visiting and was leaving that day. This is my Grandpa and his sister Patsy...never mind the first picture of my grandpa, he was dosing and I woke him up! hehe
With my grandpa and his siblings even as they have gotten older I can still see that strong family resemblance to each other.

I was admiring the fruit trees over in my grandparents back yard, they have apples and pears, and the trees are FULL! I'm going to be shaking a few branches shortly I believe! I'm already tasting some apple dumplins!
Just one of the tractor loads of shrapnel left that we had to clean up!


noble pig said...

I think you had the best 4th ever.

Jodi said...

Looks like you had a blast! No pun intended! heh-heh

Not sure how I found your blog but it's great! I especially like the songs on your playlist. I have never heard the one by Toby Keith "You're gonna miss this"'s great. I am going to add it to my playlist!