Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wii Fever..........

Yep.....we have it! I know there are mom's out there who are firm believer's that Video Games rot your brain...well apparently I'm not one of them....I'm a moderation mom...everything in moderation is fine with me...maybe it's because I grew up with a Nintendo in my bedroom. That didn't mean I vegged in front of it all the time...yeah a few hours a week, but I still lived outside....well except on rainy days or after dark.
So when we had a Wii party for New Years with James' best friend Wii...I caught the Wii fever.....the best thing I liked about this gaming system is that you have to move for most of the games, you don't just sit on your butt!! Which is perfect for my one child who doesn't like to move! And then Wii fit came out and I had to have it!
Now on some Friday nights when we are being lazy at home instead of vegging on the couch with a movie or me on the computer we have bowling tournaments!!!!
These pictures are from one such tournament......I am the master bowling and I never LET my kids that a mean mom??

I guess that's her victory dance!! lol I think she got a strike!!


That Smith Girl said...

Those pictures give me the giggles! Oh & what kind of example would we be setting if we LET our kids win? We are helping them :D! I am the same way! Morgan gets so mad, she wants me to let her win at everything!

~A~ said...

It looks like they are having so much fun! I want one!! And I would never let them win either. LOL Got to teach them that they can't win at everything and have to learn the skills to win. Heehee