Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farmer's Market!

I have finally found Farmer's Market's!!! I've been looking for them in my city for a bit, and had no clue there were as many as there are. There aren't any in my neighborhood, but it only takes me about 15 minutes to get to them!
I had the kids with me the first Saturday I went and my friend Laura and her daughter Zada went too~ The kids got to pet chicken! They thought that was really neat!
See there is Aaron's petting the chicken!

This particular day they had face painting, so all the kids had to get their face painted....Chasity of course picks a dog!
Zada got a pretty little butterfly!!
Aaron wanted the sun!!

Brienne got a flower...but I didn't realize til now I didn't get a close up of it!

These were my finds for the day!!! I got tomatoes , cucumber, strawberries, lettuce and Bison hamburger! And let me tell you Bison hamburgers are the best hamburgers that I have ever ate, and very very low in calorie!!! They rock!! SO much that I got the Bison steaks this week and they were just as good!!
Look at those strawberries!!! Yummy Yummy Yummy , they were delicious in Strawberry Margarita's!!!
I made an awesome salad out of this Romaine was yummy tooo!!!
And James just loved the green onions.....he said they were the best he ever ate!!!

Sorry if I mistyped...James worked a double tonight so I was home alone (Kids are at my parent's) so I indulged in a bottle of wine...and since I haven't ate since lunch I'm pretty darn tipsy!!!

Hope everyone's been having a good "summer" so far!!!!


lovinmyfamily said...

wow everything looks so nice! I need to find one of those.. the produce at the grocery stores looks like crud compared to the stuff you got! The kids look like they had a great time too!

noble pig said...

It looks like you'll be visiting a lot since everyone had a great time!