Sunday, June 29, 2008

Menace to Society!

Yeah she is still a menace to my society, well my house....and now we are looking for a home for her. I'm really sad about it...I mean I've been crying almost every night over it, agonizing trying to figure something else out.
She's a smart dog, and beautiful and I do dearly love her........but when I talked about getting a dog I talked about rescuing one from the Humane Society or a rescue group, I wanted an older one already trained. James brought home the puppy. But the problem with that is James is never home, and after working most weeks 7 days a week 12 hour days, it's me that's having to take care of her and I can't handle her. And I'm very fearful that she is going to knock one of my parents down, and that could be serious business after their recent surgeries. And my parents are at my home at least 5 days a week watching my kids most weeks. So it's not fair to keep her crated when they are here or stuck in the back yard.

In the end I know I'm doing the right think trying to find her a good home, where she can thrive as well as the family or person she is with, but I also feel like such a failure because this is the dog Chasity has always wanted, though she's not the least bit upset about it, and I can't control her and I can't make this work for my child, for the family.

On the upside is that once I do find a home for Licorice, my parents want us to dog share. They have a poodle about 2 that doesn't jump and is trained well, problem is they are here a lot and have been talking about how they really weren't home enough for her, but my kids love her so they were holding this will solve two problems and I'm hoping work out for the best for both dogs, and us. Maybe we can start a new trend too, a dogshare program for busy families.


:: Lesley :: said...

OH I'm so sorry chell!!!!! I wish I could take her!!!! :( I know how hard it is. I had to find a new home for my aussie. she was just too wild and for the life of me, i could not tame her. we also brought her home as a puppy. It'll be hard, but your kids will move on.

noble pig said...

That's hard but totally understandable. Puppies, especially labs are lots of work. I'm sure you'll find someone who has what she needs!

That Smith Girl said...

I totally understand. Don't beat yourself up Chelle, puppies are hard to train & if you don't have the time you look up one day & you have a 7 month old dog who doesn't know how to behave. It isn't fair to you or to Licorice. You will find somewhere for the dog. Big hugs, I have been there...we had an adorable Bassett Hound...they just require too much. You will find the right dog for your family.