Monday, June 16, 2008

Princess PixieTude Goes Swimming

Isn't she just the most beautiful thing! Yeah I know I'm partial, but I'm her mother I'm required to be! I just love this picture of her!
She loves the water, just loves it, swimming is one of her favorite things to do.....I honestly find myself seeing so much of me as a child in here...I lived in the pool from the time we opened it in the spring til we closed it for winter....I was ALWAYS in it!! I miss that!

She just lets me photograph her non-stop...sometimes she cheeses, sometimes it's a simple smile, sometimes she goes about her business not really paying attention I'm there...she's a great subject to photograph!
There were taking about two weeks ago, and if you saw her now that farmer's tan is almost gone!! I want her skin tone....she tans so easy, is a pretty bronze color...I want that naturally! lol


Mama's Losin' It said...

She's beautiful!! Great job with the pics mama!!

noble pig said...

That looks so refreshing! I love it! She gorgeous.

:: Lesley :: said...

So lucky! Like my Sarah and Allison. I call them my little Indians. Tyler on the other hand is as white as they come - I wish that boy would just tan already.