Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day in Pictures

I was having trouble getting pictures to load the other night so I didn't get this up when I wanted to. Dang Blogger! We had dinner with everyone at my parents house for Father's day since I had everyone at my house for Mother's Day. James family came as well...
This is pretty much what James did all day! lol
James dad with the kids.....
Savannah niece.....she's getting so big!

My dad up in the inflatable water slide/pool he got for the kids.....yep oh look it's my faded children on his shirt....I think he's wore that one out just a bit! lol

Awww look how cute! Doesn't that just make you want another baby!! Awww so sweet!

Yeah over it.....I love my kids, wouldn't trade them for the world, but I don't want to start over again.... **Note to self , borrow Rylan for a few hours next week**
My brother in law....Paul
Paul, My Sister in Law, Amy, James' Dad and James
Insert James mom next to James on the left, and my mom on the right....

My aunt Sara popped up too, hadn't seen her in a it was a happy surprise!
Mr GQ....all cool.......hmmm hey baby...umm next pic!
Pap, that's my Pap, I love this man, he's the sweetest man in the whole wide world....
I found him a bluebird wind chime for Father's day.....I can never decide what to get him, and when I saw it it reminded of when I was little he always drew me the pretties bluebirds...complete with worm in mouth...and now he draws those for my I thought it would be nice to put on his deck.

Of course Pap grabbed James and my Uncle Danny to go on a tour of his tomato plants and fruit trees! He's well aged but he gets around....I use to love love love his I miss that....I remember as a child I'd sit on our back porch with my grandma and snap green beans, or help can....I would love to do that again....(My grandparents live on the acre next to my parents...just for those that don't know...)

I just thought this picture was cool! But that's just me....I like how the water looks!

This is Adam, he's making his debut on my blog! This is Aaron's best friend!

Look at my little man's farmer's tan! It's funny cause my dad and James I think have the same one! lol


noble pig said...

Hey that looks like a great day! I love that and that water slide too. The kids are just adorable.

:: Lesley :: said...

Fun toy! I want one!!!!!!!!