Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Huber's Orchards and Farm

We have taken the kids here every year for as long as I can remember to pick their pumpkins and do other such things. The kids love it, James loves it, and I love it........there are parts of course that each of us enjoy more than another, but never the less, it's a fun family thing that we all look forward to every single year!
Pumpkins are a BIG part of Huber's Farm. Just look at the punkins!! They are so pretty, and bright, and big, and I love to get on the wagon and go out and pick my own! And find the perfect pumpkin!

Here we take a wagon ride by tractor and head out to the fields of pumpkins to find our perfect one!
We went early enough this year the majority of them are still on the vine, and ripe for pickin'!

Here my family starts pondering their pumpkin choices as mom snaps away behind the camera!!

Looks it's Mom!!!!! With a gawd awful snarl on her face! (See it's better when I'm behind the camera) I'm sure one of the kids were doing something, or maybe it was the sun, my week of morphine and percocets last week has taken away some of my memory I fear...though small minute things, I'm sure if I hadn't had that morphine pump, I'd be able to tell you why I snarled....can't now though that will forever be lost!
Oh look Aaron has that snarl too....I'm going to say it's the sun....( I don't care if I did have one sun glasses)

You think it was me or the sun wearing them out????
I'll go with the sun again! lol

See I don't always snarl....I smile

I'll have more to come.....there is just too much to put in one post, it's overwhelming, it's always such a great day!!!!

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