Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day of Laughter

Happy Birthday Dr. May!!!

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Today was the 65th birthday of one of the doctors I work for. He's such a good sport! That's an older picture I posted, but it just describes his personality! He's so fun loving and likes to have a good time at work and is always up for a laugh!

So of course, being the great and easy target he is and knowing how much fun he would have with it ( and us too of course) we had to have some fun with his birthday. So guess what I got him, a NERF dart gun!

Along with that he got paintbrushes, a gift card for art supplies, those Velcro paddle things with the balls, a slinky.....everything just fit his personality to a T! So a dart gun war was waged and no one was left un-shot. So our office manager decided that she needed retaliation. So the girls got to planning then she came to me and asked me to run to the party supply store for window chalk! So off to the store I go, I got window chalk, a sign with suction cups to put in his car window, and a Old Geezer Parking Pass (Like a handicap sticker you put on your rear-view mirror). SO on the way back I called his MA and told her to steal his car keys....she's darn good, by the time I got back she had effectively taken his car key off of his set of keys! So out the backdoor and down the elevator we go!! We used cardboard boxes with aluminum and made really big sideview mirrors, and then saran wrapped them to the car. We hung up the sign in the car that said BEWARE SUDDEN SENIOR MOMENTS! We wrote THE BOMB across the front windshield of his car...along with Hong for the birthday boy! One of the girls even drew a circle about where his head would be on his driver side window, and wrote I'm the Birthday BOy!

We had a blast at work it was awesome!

Chasity also had to make a trip to the dentist today, her permanent tooth is coming in behind her baby tooth that is just barely loose!

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Not a great pic though! The dentist decided after alot of prodding and bribing by my mom for Chasity to open up her mouth, that it could wait a while before they pulled the baby tooth. He told her to keep wiggling it!

So being the great grandma my mother is decides that Chasity gets to go to Mickey D's to play in the Play Place and then took her and bought her new pajama's

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I think Mamaw got took!!!!! lol

Then when I was looking at the pictures I took of her tonight I realized just how big my baby girl is getting!!!!

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It's very hard to believe that this was just 2 1/2 years ago!!

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Well now that I've walked down memory lane and bored you all to death I will say goodnight after a good day!!!!

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Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

Oh my! how she's grown up! I remember her as a little tiny thing!

I'm glad the tooth can wait...hope it falls out on it's own.

And yes...your mom was taken good!!

As for my diet...watching portions, cutting out soda (I know you cant do without your Dew though), being able to walk again! (got new shoes...check older posts on my blog for them!! www.zcoil.com)

And...well sheer will and determination!