Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Lazy Sunday......

So I slept in late this morning, because Aaron stayed the night with Granny and Paw paw, and as usual the girls at are at my parents house. James went to get Aaron as soon as I woke up though because I missed him. Lots of good it did though because Aaron feels the need to be outside with Daddy cutting the grass and doing yard work! That's a boy for ya! Can't get no mommy love!

Well I did steal a little before he went outside, we wrestled and talked about what he wanted for his birthday, yeah I know it's in September but it will be here before we know it!
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He's decided he wants a Big Dump truck, bulldozer, roller, a crane, and a fork lift!!!! He also wants a nerf light beam dart gun (which I'm sure will be used for hours of terrorizing his sisters!), he wants this Fisher Price baseball set, and a soccer ball.

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I guess it's time to get in the shower, I need to run to Target and get the rest of the girls school supplies, only 15 days to go! And then James is taking us to Ernesto's tonight!!! Woot!!

So I finally did get in the shower, and then James decided for me to wait for him and we'd just go eat after leaving Target....So Aaron wanted get in a bit of a blog

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Here's Aaron playing with his Go Diego Go House....and he wanted to take a picture to share with everyone

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He LOVES that thing, did you notice his cool hair though!! He's hilarious when he takes a shower, yes I said shower, this boy does not like baths! He is all about showers. So he will get out wrap up in a towel, get out his step stool, get his comb and brush (yes I said comb and brush) and fix his hair! And he asks us all the time to get him ginger ale (hair gel) to put on his hair!! It's so funny! Then he has to go throw on his kicks with no socks and his jean shorts and t-shirt....always with boxers or boxer briefs underneath, this boy is not a tighty whitey kid! lol He cracks me up...I see so much of James in him it's not even funny!

Throwing in a harmless plug with a Mommy and Me picture!

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So anyway, we went to Target, I spent $150, yikes. But I did get the rest of the girls school supplies including their lunch boxes, and I bought a bunch of new bath towels, and James got a cooler and some other odds and ends...

Then we went to Ernesto's for some yummy Mexican food! I was stuffed, Mexican is my all time favorite food! They have awesome chips and salsa there too!

Well what started out being a lazy Sunday really turned into more! lol I've actually accomplished a lot today. Aaron's now tucked into bed and I'm sitting here watching Cribs with James about ready to head to bed myself, but need to do another load of laundry first.

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Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

WOW! You say my 2 are getting big! What about your 3! Aaron was just a little guy the last time we really talked...and wow, I remember when Chas and Brie were his size! I'll add you onto my friends list on my blog, feel free to add us too. You never know what you'll find there!