Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blast from my Past.....

For those of you who know me well know that I've been a HUGE Poison fan since I was around um, 12 or so....and I've always had a thing for Bret Michaels......it must be that bad boy thing...ya know I got it! lol
This is my friend Karen.....she mostly a Kid Rock fan.....but her favorite in Poison is CeCe.....I agree with her about him playing a mean guitar because he does....
This is Morgane.......isn't she adorable....
And Laura......she was big in the 80's.......ask her college class mates and Spug! lol hehe You love me!
Look it's me! You know me right? Or else you wouldn't be reading my blog....and if not drop a line and get to know me!
This is my sister in law Amy.....she's the best sister in law in the world and my favorite sister in law.....which I remind her whenever I'm drunk...and she always says BUT I'm your ONLY sister in Law.....she's still my favorite.....and she was going to drive me to the Blue Note to see Bret.....thanks Aimes!
I think she snuck this picture in during the concert...I bet you $10 she sent this to my brother in law!

See what a good sister in law does.....she got me this crotch shot of Bret! See what happened was....I had my camera, extra batteries, HUGE memory card and I was set and ready to go! NOPE....security got me....thing was you could take in cameras but mine was too big! Nuts I tell you! So lucky for us, my SIL had her blackberry with a camera on it! Wooot!We had really good seats! You can't tell that much in this picture, but we were in the second section back...20th row.....

I went ahead and posted most of the pics and didn't edit them out because hey it was a camera phone! lol

Did I tell you all it ROCKED!!!!!

We loved this t-shirt this guy had on!!!!!

Look there's CeCe and Bret!

This is me and Morgane....we were having a really good time! Um I think at that point I had lost count of my drinks!

Yeah at this point I had TOTALLY LOST count of my drinks!!!!
Laura was chilling.......I think this was during Dokken......

There is Cece, Bret and Bobby!!

The moon and the crowd........

Me and Laura.....um Amy "Laura, you are suppose to look at the camera not me" lol

Dang Bret looks really tall there....but I don't think he's much taller than me.....

Toes, toes toes......and just so Terri know I did not take this picture....it was Amy!! I'm the one in the pink! lol
Now Laura got the shot right! lol
OMG did I say they rocked!!!!!
Me and AMy......

My head.....Morgane's tongue!

After the concert while we were waiting for the crowd to thin out........the only dissapointment I had was that they didn't play "I won't forget you" or " Life Goes On"

Oh and there was even a fight!!! Bloody..I tell ya! And this woman hit the security guard with her flip flop! lol That was funny! That was all before Poison came on though!

Karen after the show on our way to the Truck!

Loading up girls!!!!!
Say cheese!!!
Amy....did I mention she's my FAVORITE sister in Law....she was our DD!
That's why I love her!
Me and Laura after the show!
Deer in Headlights? Um Actually Deer in Camera Flash! lol I love you Amy!

Me and Karen......oh I am so totally wasted in that picture!

That's my Poison Adventure!!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to show you all my Bret Michaels Band adventure if I decide to get tickets to LRS fest her in Louie on September 14th.....that is to be determined yet...September is a busy month, but they are filming the 1st episode of Rock of Love 3 here........


~A~ said...

Awesome pics Chelle!!! I am so jealous!! Wish I could get to go see them!!

That Smith Girl ~Misty said...

AWESOME! I am so jealous tooooo!Great pictures!