Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The "S" Word and Princess PixieTude

This little piece of perfection who I have so dubbed Princess PixieTude, just waltzes into the room in an uproar "Bebe said I said the "S" word and I didn't!", so portraying my mom-ness I said well if you didn't say the "S" word then don't worry about it.(haha, those who know me well know I curse like a sailor and if one of my kids said a bad word it wouldn't phase me (though they aren't allowed too :P) or shock me cause I'm sure they heard it from me.)

Then with a confuzzled look on her face, goes "How many "S" words are there?".....I said I can only think of one....she goes "Yeah me too" lol I don't know why I thought that was so funny but I did....I guess it was just the look on her face, or that she was trying really hard to think of all the bad words she could and what they started with, but I just sit in amusement at her.....

The following pictures are when she called her brother back to call him a turd because he hung up on her!

I'm such a good Mom, I told her too! And I had to explain what a Turd was!!! lol

This by the way is the crown she's been wearing since last Easter when we went on Vacation, she wore it the whole week....and wears it constantly.....I'll have to catch a pic of her at her peak....when she has the tinkerbell wings on as well...hence where we get Princess Pixietude.....and you can guess the Tude comes in from her attitude!

Thanks for listening to me ramble about my middle child!


Trish ~CnJ's Mommy~ said...

My gosh how she has grown! I can just see the Tude though ;)

You curse??? NO!! Not Sweet Chelle!

Ok...i'm back, and blogging...for how long, im' not sure! LOL

That Smith Girl said...

I am so glad to see you blogging again. I missed reading about you & your kiddos. Chas is growing so much & I am really seeing James now. I used to only see you but I really am seeing James! Have a great day!

Lesley said...

she's adorable.....